Subsidized Legal Aid (RVR)

If your income and assets are below the statutory limit, you may be eligible for legal aid. This means that the Dutch State pays some or all of your lawyer’s fees. You then only have to pay a personal contribution, which VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM will pass on to you. To find out whether your income is below the statutory limit, please visit the website of the Dutch Legal Aid Board ( This is the body that deals with and assesses applications for legal aid.


The lawyer will submit an application for legal aid on your behalf. To be able to submit an application, we will require a copy of proof of your identity showing your citizen service number (BSN number, formerly known as ‘sofi-nummer’). If you do not (yet) have a BSN number, we…

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Discount Legal Services Counter (LSC)

If you are eligible for legal aid, you can receive a discount of €58,= on your attorney’s fees. Citizens are encouraged to visit the Legal Services Counter (LSC) before approaching an attorney by offering them a discount of € 58 on the individual contribution, should it turn out that a…

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Special Social Assistance Benefit

If you have a low income and it is impossible for you to pay exceptional and unexpected costs, you may be entitled to extra financial support from the municipality. This is called “bijzondere bijstand” (special social assistance). Special social assistance is subject to the following conditions among others: (a) You are lawfully living and staying…

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Re-inspection a year after the application

It is possible that the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has not yet taken a final decision on your income for the reference year. In that case, the Dutch Legal Aid Board will perform a re-inspection a year after the application. If it then turns out that you were not…

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Request to change reference year

If the Dutch Legal Aid Board rejects the application for legal aid because your income in the reference year exceeded the statutory financial limits, there is an option of asking the Board to make the current year the reference year. This is only possible, however, if your income has fallen considerably in…

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The revocation of legal aid

When a client receives a certain sum of money because of the result of a procedure, his certificate will be withdrawn retroactively. He will be expected to pay his own lawyer.…

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