Fee Based on Results

While success cannot be guaranteed, Van Leeuwen Law Firm is committed to diligently pursuing the best possible outcome for its clients. Although “no cure, no pay” arrangements are prohibited under professional regulations, the firm offers clients the opportunity to agree upon hourly rates contingent on the results achieved. If the desired outcome is not attained, such as an unfavorable court ruling, the lower agreed-upon hourly rate is charged. Conversely, in the event of success, such as a favorable court decision, the higher agreed-upon rate applies.

Van Leeuwen Law Firm offers clients the option of structuring their legal fees based on the results achieved in their specific case. While it’s important to note that legal outcomes cannot be guaranteed, the firm commits to applying its utmost efforts and expertise to secure the best possible result for each client.

Under Dutch legal regulations, lawyers are prohibited from engaging in “no cure, no pay” arrangements. However, Van Leeuwen Law Firm provides an alternative approach by allowing clients to agree on hourly rates that are contingent upon the outcome of their case.

This arrangement involves setting two different hourly rates upfront: a high rate and a low rate. If the desired outcome is not achieved, such as if the court ruling is unfavorable to the client’s interests, the firm charges the lower of the two rates. On the other hand, if the client succeeds, such as when the court rules in their favor, the firm charges the higher hourly rate.

By structuring fees in this manner, Van Leeuwen Law Firm aligns its interests with those of its clients, incentivizing the firm to work diligently towards achieving positive outcomes. This approach promotes transparency and fairness in billing practices while providing clients with financial flexibility and peace of mind throughout the legal process.

Furthermore, this model underscores the firm’s commitment to delivering value-driven legal services, where fees are directly linked to the level of success achieved in each individual case. Clients can have confidence knowing that their legal representation is dedicated to maximizing their chances of success while mitigating financial risks.

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