In addition to professional fees, Van Leeuwen Law Firm charges for administrative and office costs, including expenses for opening files, typing, printing, postage, and telephone usage. These costs are typically billed as a fixed percentage (e.g., 7%) of the total fees charged, providing transparency in the allocation of expenses.

In addition to the fees, administrative and office expenses, such as those incurred for opening a case or subsidiary file, typing, printing and photocopying, postage, telephone usage, etc., will be billed under the category of ‘administration costs’ at a fixed rate of 7% of the fees charged.

These administration costs encompass a wide range of expenditures related to managing and maintaining case files and the general operation of the office. They include expenses for initiating and organizing new cases, drafting documents, sending correspondence, making copies, and performing administrative tasks necessary to advocate for the interests of clients.

By applying a fixed percentage to the fees charged, Van Leeuwen Law Firm provides transparency and predictability regarding administrative costs for its clients. This enables clients to better understand and plan for the total costs of legal services, allowing them to collaborate with the law firm confidently.

Moreover, this approach contributes to a fair allocation of costs among clients, as the administration fee rate is proportional to the fees charged. This ensures that clients are only billed for administrative expenses directly related to the legal services provided to them, rather than for overhead costs that cannot be directly attributed to them.

In summary, administration costs are an integral part of Van Leeuwen Law Firm’s overall cost management and contribute to the efficient and effective handling of cases, while also ensuring transparency and fairness in billing to clients.

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