Van Leeuwen Law Firm will invoice its activities, administrative costs, and advanced costs periodically (typically as the activities progress in a case) to the client through advance invoices and a statement of fees and costs. The amount due from the statement of fees and costs is broken down into the following items: (1) fee, (2) administrative costs, (3) court costs, and (4) advances. Specification of the performed activities and costs will be sent to the client upon the first request.

Transparent costs and fees are essential for building trust between a law firm and its clients. This transparency goes beyond just providing a list of rates; it involves fully understanding and communicating all costs associated with a case, as well as the factors influencing the hourly rate or total costs.

A law firm that prioritizes transparency in costs and fees aims to keep its clients fully informed about the financial aspects of their case. This includes clearly explaining the hourly rate and any other fee structures, such as fixed prices or fees based on the outcome.

Moreover, transparency in costs and fees involves a law firm’s ability to realistically estimate the expected costs of a case and regularly update these estimates as the case progresses. This ensures that clients are not faced with unpleasant surprises and that there is an open dialogue about financial expectations throughout the process.

Another aspect of transparency is providing detailed invoices and cost breakdowns to clients, with each item accurately specified. This gives clients the opportunity to understand the costs of the services provided and to raise any questions or objections.

By ensuring transparency in costs and fees, a law firm creates an environment of trust and collaboration with its clients. This contributes to a successful and satisfying relationship between the firm and its clients, allowing both parties to fully focus on achieving the best results in the legal matter at hand.

Hourly Rate

Unless otherwise agreed, Van Leeuwen Law Firm charges for its services based on an hourly rate. These rates vary depending on factors such as the nature of the case, the complexity involved, the experience of…

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Fixed Price

For clients seeking predictability in their legal expenses, Van Leeuwen Law Firm offers the option of agreeing upon a fixed price beforehand. This approach involves breaking down the case into distinct components and estimating the…

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Fee Based on Results

Notwithstanding the charging of fees, administration and office costs, including costs for opening a case or subsidiary file in a case, typing costs, printing and photocopying costs, postage costs, telephone costs, etc. will be charged…

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Subsidized Legal Aid

Van Leeuwen Law Firm actively participates in subsidized legal aid programs, reflecting its commitment to providing access to justice for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background. This involvement extends beyond mere compliance with professional…

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Legal Aid Insurance

Clients with legal aid insurance have the right to choose their own lawyer at the insurer’s expense when involved in a legal or administrative proceeding. This right extends even when legal representation is not mandatory,…

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Office Costs

In addition to professional fees, Van Leeuwen Law Firm charges for administrative and office costs, including expenses for opening files, typing, printing, postage, and telephone usage. These costs are typically billed as a fixed percentage…

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Court Costs and Expenses

Any costs advanced by Van Leeuwen Law Firm to third parties, such as court fees, notary fees, or expert fees, are separately billed based on actual expenses incurred. This ensures that clients are aware of…

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Advance Payment

To facilitate the provision of legal services, Van Leeuwen Law Firm may request an advance payment from clients before commencing or continuing work on their behalf. This advance, known as a retainer, covers anticipated costs…

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