VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM advises company directors active in all economic sectors. Drawing on its multidisciplinary approach, the law firm offers technical, practical and innovative solutions for meeting the needs of business leaders.

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can assist at all stages of a business’ development. It remains steadfastly by its clients’ side, seeking to understand the project in question. It sets it up in the best possible way, all the while protecting its clients’ personal interests.

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM guides business leaders in their choices and advises on asset transfer. The firm is also on hand to provide advice on expanding your business and can assist you in negotiating and drafting contracts, setting up additional branches or raising funds. Working with the company director, the firm can also help organise the transition in the event a company is sold.

Fully aware of how your job as a director can impinge on your personal life, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM offers tailor-made and secure solutions with regard to:

  • Wealth protection and transfer (if necessary)
  • Retirement
  • Combining work and retirement

In the event of financial difficulty, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM deals with conciliation, ad hoc mandates, safeguarding procedures, recovery procedures and liquidation procedures. The firm is on hand to organise the restructuring of your company and support you to the best of his ability during this challenging period, all the while ensuring your interests are covered. If need be, the firm can defend you in civil or criminal liability cases.

Areas of Focus

Enabling clients to manage their wealth in the best possible way, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM is highly attentive to client needs and meticulously tracks each and every case. Its goal is to enable wealth optimisation and wealth transfer, as effectively as possible.

Whatever your priority, be it protecting your spouse, transferring your business, optimising inheritance tax or providing for your heirs, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can offer solutions in line with your objectives.

To provide the best service possible, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM proposes a two-step method:

  • Wealth audit: to assess your current situation and establish an overall inventory of your assets. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM pays particular attention to clearly establishing your objectives and priorities.
  • Asset structuring: working closely with you to define your wealth optimisation and/or wealth transfer strategy, which VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM then endeavours to implement.

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can help you maintain the financial health of your company by:

  • Detecting any difficulties in real time
  • Auditing off-balance sheet commitments and understanding risk factors
  • Renegotiating bank loans
  • Placing a moratorium on certain debts

If the difficulties persist, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can help you put in place preventative procedures, and – if your company is not yet in a situation of insolvency – in seeking the assistance of the courts:

  • Conciliation
  • Ad-hoc mandate
  • Safeguard procedure

The criminal liability of directors is a complex legal matter and can be an obstacle to a company’s development. It also poses a real risk for directors, since they can be fined or even imprisoned, thereby forfeiting their civil and family rights. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM works in the area of criminal liability to help clients confront these risks.

Due to the incredible complexity of business legislation, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM has set up multidisciplinary teams to respond in a concerted manner to both purely criminal matters and those related to the issue in question, whether it concern tax, social security, commerce, or town and county planning, for example.

Both at the advisory and litigation phase, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM is on hand to offer their support and expertise. Lawsuits are especially complex, and the experience of VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM constitutes a real asset in criminal proceedings.

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