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In the intricate landscape of global business, where accusations of financial impropriety and misconduct abound, Attorney Bas A.S. van Leeuwen stands as a beacon of legal expertise, guiding clients through the complex maze of criminal proceedings, administrative oversight, and enforcement actions. With a focus on addressing issues such as fraud risk management, financial and economic crimes, and ESG concerns, van Leeuwen adopts a goal-oriented approach to achieve effective results. Driven by a commitment to excellence, personalized attention, specialized knowledge, prompt action, pragmatic solutions, and clear communication, van Leeuwen ensures that his clients receive comprehensive and effective legal representation in navigating the challenges of today’s business environment.

In the intricate web of global business, accusations of financial mismanagement, fraud, bribery, money laundering, corruption, or violations of international sanctions can cast a dark shadow on any organization, jeopardizing its operations and tarnishing its hard-earned reputation. It is in these tumultuous waters that Attorney Bas A.S. van Leeuwen emerges as a beacon of legal expertise, specializing in guiding clients through the treacherous terrain of criminal matters, administrative supervision, enforcement cases, and internal and external investigations.

(a) Driven: Van Leeuwen is driven by an unwavering commitment to achieve the best results for his clients, even in the most challenging situations. His tireless dedication and determination to seek justice form the core of his approach to every case, whether it involves fraud risk management, financial crimes, or addressing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues.

(b) Personal: Van Leeuwen understands that each case is unique and requires a personal approach. He takes the time to understand the specific needs, goals, and concerns of each client, building a trusted relationship and providing a sense of reassurance amidst legal challenges.

(c) Specialized: With in-depth knowledge of financial and economic crimes, and a keen insight into the complex regulations surrounding ESG, Van Leeuwen provides specialized, tailored advice and guidance to his clients. His expertise enables him to develop effective strategies to manage fraud risks, address compliance issues, and protect organizations’ reputations.

(d) Speedy: In a world where timing is crucial, Van Leeuwen is known for his ability to act quickly and respond immediately to legal challenges. He understands that delays can be costly and always strives to serve his clients promptly and efficiently.

(e) Pragmatic: Van Leeuwen adopts a pragmatic approach to legal issues, focusing on achieving practical solutions that deliver tangible results for his clients. He avoids theoretical considerations and instead concentrates on concrete actions that lead to measurable progress.

(f) Clear communication: Communication is central to Van Leeuwen’s work. He aims to explain complex legal concepts and procedures in simple language, ensuring that his clients are fully informed about their legal situation and the steps being taken to address it. His transparent and open communication style fosters trust and facilitates effective collaboration between attorney and client.


Van Leeuwen is deeply passionate about achieving the best outcomes for his clients. His relentless drive is evident in his commitment to going above and beyond to secure favorable results in legal matters. He approaches each case with determination and persistence, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of success. Attorney Bas A.S. van Leeuwen epitomizes a profound passion for the law that serves as the cornerstone of his professional journey. However, his commitment extends far beyond the boundaries of conventional…



Van Leeuwen recognizes the importance of building strong, personal relationships with his clients. He takes the time to understand their unique needs, concerns, and objectives. By fostering a personal connection, he creates a supportive and trusting environment where clients feel valued and understood. Attorney Bas A.S. van Leeuwen embodies a deeply personalized approach to legal practice, where every client is recognized as unique, and no issue is approached with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Unlike impersonal legal services that treat clients as…



With expertise in various areas of law, van Leeuwen offers specialized knowledge and tailored solutions to address the specific needs of each client. He stays abreast of the latest developments in legal practice and invests in continuous learning to ensure he provides the highest quality of service. Attorney Bas A.S. van Leeuwen epitomizes specialized legal expertise, offering tailored solutions across a spectrum of legal domains. With a commitment to delivering focused expertise, van Leeuwen ensures that every client receives comprehensive…



Time is of the essence in legal matters, and van Leeuwen understands the importance of swift action. He prioritizes efficiency and responsiveness, promptly addressing client inquiries and advancing legal proceedings with agility. By offering timely assistance, he minimizes delays and ensures swift resolution of issues. Attorney Bas A.S. van Leeuwen is keenly aware that time is of the essence when it comes to legal matters. Legal questions or problems often arise unexpectedly and at the most inconvenient times. Understanding the…



Van Leeuwen adopts a practical and results-oriented approach to legal representation. Rather than getting bogged down in theoretical considerations, he focuses on finding pragmatic solutions that effectively address the underlying issues. His no-nonsense approach emphasizes achieving tangible results for his clients. Attorney Bas A.S. van Leeuwen is dedicated to providing pragmatic solutions that truly address the needs and concerns of his clients. For him, it’s all about finding practical, real-world resolutions that his clients can feel comfortable with. This approach…


Clear in communication

Effective communication is fundamental to van Leeuwen’s practice. He communicates with clarity, ensuring that clients understand complex legal concepts and procedural matters. By providing transparent explanations and regular updates, he empowers clients to make informed decisions and actively participate in their legal proceedings. Attorney Bas A.S. van Leeuwen is renowned for his commitment to clear communication, ensuring that his clients understand their legal matters thoroughly without getting lost in complex jargon or legal intricacies. He provides concrete and practical legal…

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