Advance Payment

To facilitate the provision of legal services, Van Leeuwen Law Firm may request an advance payment from clients before commencing or continuing work on their behalf. This advance, known as a retainer, covers anticipated costs and fees and is deducted from subsequent interim or final invoices.

Van Leeuwen Law Firm reserves the right to request an advance payment from the client before commencing or during the course of its services, through a provisional invoice, and reserves the right to initiate or continue its services, or advance costs, only after receiving payment. A statement of expenses and fees in these terms and conditions is also considered a provisional invoice.

An advance payment is a lump sum paid by the client to Van Leeuwen Law Firm prior to an interim or final invoice. This advance payment may cover services already provided or costs already incurred, or it may be an advance for services yet to be provided or costs yet to be incurred, or a combination of both. In the interim or final invoice, the advance payment is deducted from the total amount.

The request for an advance payment enables Van Leeuwen Law Firm to cover the financial burdens of its services and ensures it has adequate resources to handle the client’s case effectively. It also provides a degree of financial security for the office expenses necessary for the proper continuation of the case.

The ability to request an advance payment is a common practice in the legal profession and is used to protect the interests of both the client and the law firm. It allows the firm to commence or continue its services with the necessary financial resources, while assuring the client that costs are being handled transparently and reasonably.

Overall, the request for an advance payment contributes to a smooth and efficient collaboration between the client and the law firm, with both parties having a clear understanding of the financial arrangements and obligations associated with the case.

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