Unless otherwise agreed, Van Leeuwen Law Firm charges for its services based on an hourly rate. These rates vary depending on factors such as the nature of the case, the complexity involved, the experience of the attorney, and the urgency of the matter. Hourly rates typically range from €200 to €330, exclusive of VAT. The firm reserves the right to adjust these rates annually and on an individual basis per attorney, ensuring fair compensation aligned with the level of service provided.

Charging legal services on an hourly rate basis is a common practice at Van Leeuwen Law Firm, unless otherwise agreed upon. This means that clients are billed for the actual time spent on a case, calculated at a fixed hourly rate.

At Van Leeuwen Law Firm, the basic hourly rates vary between €200 and €330, excluding VAT. These rates are not static but are tailored to various factors unique to each case.

Determining the hourly rate is a meticulous process, taking into account the nature of the case, its stakes, complexity, the attorney’s experience in the specific legal area, and the urgency of the assignment. This ensures that the rates are fair and reasonable in relation to the services provided and the value they represent for the client.

It is worth noting that these rates are annually indexed and can also be adjusted at any time, on an individual basis per attorney. These adjustments may stem from various considerations, such as changes in market conditions, demand for specific expertise, or overall economic circumstances.

At Van Leeuwen Law Firm, we highly value transparency and open communication with our clients. Therefore, our clients are welcome to request the most recent hourly rates at any time. We strive to provide a clear understanding of our fee structure and ensure that our clients feel completely comfortable with the financial aspects of our services.

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