Legal Advisory Services

Corporate Legal Departments are seeking ways to have greater transparency. They reduce third-party spend with legal providers. Corporate Legal departments are also looking for a coordinated, one-stop-shop approach for managing cross-border legal needs. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM provides coordinated and efficient services to assist clients in the following areas: (a) Corporate and Commercial law; (b) Labour and Employment law; (c) Transaction law; (d) Digital Law; and (e) Financial services Law.

Corporate and commercial law

Companies are seeking growth beyond their home markets and looking for new opportunities. To succeed, companies must manage regulatory risks, bridge cultural differences and compete effectively. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM is highly experienced in its field, able to provide legal advice that helps businesses operate with confidence across jurisdictions and make the most of today’s new business opportunities. This service-line includes: a) Corporations and partnerships, b) Branch registration, c) Corporate reorganizations, d) Corporate compliance, e) Corporate governance, f) Shareholders’ controversy, and g) Commercial agreements.

Labor and employment law

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM has the multijurisdictional experience and knowledge to assist corporate leaders in the feasibility, design, implementation and coordination of transformation projects that span multiple countries. This service-line includes:  a) HR legal advisory and compliance assessment, b) Mergers and acquisitions and business transformations, c) Corporate restructuring and reductions in force, d) Compensation and benefits, e) Social security, f) Labor and employment regulatory, g) Employee and data privacy, and h) Dispute resolution.

Transaction law

In today’s dynamic corporate environment, businesses are taking advantage of changing markets to expand through acquisitions. Businesses are increasingly focused on the economies of scale that result from acquisitions. This requires an efficient, effective and detailed post-acquisition and merger process, which VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM provides to clients in a highly integrated manner. This service-line includes: a) Antitrust clearance, b) Buy- and sell-side legal advisory, c) Buy- and sell-side legal due diligence, d) Buy- and sell-side legal structuring, e) Carve-outs, f) Joint ventures, and g) Post-acquisition integration.

Digital Law

Applying the understanding of markets, competition, technology and intellectual property (IP) law, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM helps clients identify, prioritize and protect their core value propositions with patents and other appropriate IP assets. It advises on contractual and regulatory projects in connection with the use of IT and on transactions dealing with intangibles. It leverages technology, data and analytics to help clients navigate digital disruption while achieving desired outcomes. This service-line includes:  a) Digital privacy and cyber-security, b) Digital IP, c) Digital and regulation, and d) E-commerce

Financial services law

As the scope of financial regulation widens, the integrated, cross-disciplinary approach is designed to steer financial services businesses through the regulatory maze. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM provides advice to national and international banks, securities dealers, insurers, asset managers, financial businesses and pension institutions on a broad range of transactions, product development, regulation and structural issues. This service-line includes:  a) Banking, b) Asset management, c) Insurance, d) Regulatory and compliance, and e) Equity offerings in capital markets.

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