If you decide to divorce, then various aspects will have to be discussed. It is important that the consequences of a divorce are properly dealt with. In the context of a divorce, the division of the community of property or the settlement of prenuptial agreement must be arranged. If the marriage is connected with a company, the effects of the divorce on the company will have to be comprehensively thought through. If there are children, attention must be paid to a proper care arrangement for the children and the detailing of a parenting plan. A financial arrangement for the children and possibly for you or your partner must also be discussed. If an alimony is on the agenda, the attorney can make calculations on the basis of the applicable standards and he will – if necessary – go through various options with you. Lastly, attention will also be paid to an arrangement with regard to the division of pension.

There are a number of ways in which a divorce can be arranged. You can choose to engage a personal attorney who will take care of your interests. As early as at the commencement of activity, a plan of action will be discussed. Often (the lawyer of) the other spouse is approached in order to assess whether arrangements can be made in mutual consultation regarding the consequences of the divorce, so that the involvement of the courts can be limited. Sometimes, this stage has already been passed and it will be decided that the subjects regarding which consultation is not (no longer) possible are immediately submitted to the court. Divorce proceedings which must be conducted in court will be brought in consultation with you. The strategy to be chosen will always be chosen in proper consultation with you.

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