Business loan guarantee scheme (GO)

The Business loan guarantee scheme (Garantie Ondernemingsfinanciering, GO) makes it easier for large and medium-sized companies in the Netherlands to borrow substantial amounts of money. Capital providers receive a 50% guarantee from the government. The term for the Business loan guarantee scheme (in Dutch) is maximum 8 years.

Corona crisis: temporary extension of GO

The Business loan guarantee scheme has been extended (GO) to help businesses deal with the corona crisis. The amount for which the government stands as guarantor has been increased to €150 million. The maximum guarantee percentage has been increased from 50% to 80% for large companies (public limited companies, nv) and to 90% for SMEs. The GO guarantee ceiling has been raised to €10 billion.

When do you qualify?

To qualify for the GO Business loan guarantee scheme (in Dutch), the following criteria must be met:

  • Your company has its registered office in the Netherlands. The commercial activities are conducted primarily in the Netherlands.
  • You have a healthy company.
  • Your business has reasonable profitability and continuity prospects.
  • The financing qualifies as Fresh Money (in Dutch).
  • In the last 12 months, no excessive capital withdrawals from your company have taken place.
  • You are only requesting GO financing for your own company activities.

How to apply for the GO-scheme?

You don’t apply for the GO-scheme yourself. Your financier can apply for you if they participate in the GO-scheme (in Dutch). The financier submits the application to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

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