Family and Relatives

Family relationships are the primary focus of many people’s lives. Of course, these relationships are precious and generally long-lasting, but very often they can also be rather fragile. If a relationship between two partners is heading for a breakup, the parties involved need to find an acceptable modus vivendi that respects everyone’s rights. BAS A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., ESQ.), attorney at law, is expert in family law and family property law and he can help you in this particular field.

Family law focuses primarily on the legal implications of the termination of a relationship between individuals, whether it be a marriage, a legal cohabitation or a de facto form of cohabitation. In this regard, parental authority and the residence and financial arrangements for the children of the spouses are critical issues that must be addressed.

Sometimes the parties can come to an arrangement by mutual agreement, while in other cases a solution must be found by resorting to proceedings before the family court.

Of course, a separation or divorce also has material consequences. Family property law determines the rules according to which the joint assets must be distributed.

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