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“Commercial” is a broad concept ranging from advising clients on issues of Dutch commercial law to assisting them in preparing, negotiating and drafting all types of commercial contracts.

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Distribution, Franchise and Agency

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM supports clients in all aspects of setting up and managing their distribution networks, including: choice of structure (distribution, agency, franchising);establishing / restructuring the network;drafting contracts;daily management;negotiating terminations;litigation, when unavoidable. When needed, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM works with its tax colleagues to optimise the tax implications of


Professional Liability

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM's Professional Liability Practice encompasses cases where we act for professionals such as bankers, lawyers, brokers, architects, accountants, tax advisers, consultants, engineers and advisors. In determining a litigation strategy, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM balances the insurance implications with the potential reputational risk for its client if the

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Commercial Advisory and Contracts

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Civil Litigation

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