Client relations

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM’s interventions are in line with the following principles: 

  • drawing the attention of the clients to CSR, its goals, its advantages, its respect by the firm;
  • promoting “sustainable advice and ADR”: prevention, auditing, timely advice, compliance, collaborative law, arbitration or mediation, negotiation, compromise, transparency, codes of conduct in the context of CSR and the implementation of sustainable development objectives;
  • strict adherence to deontological rules and sustainable ethics, including the obligation to advise the client on the most efficient method of resolving the client’s needs or dispute (such as legal action, arbitration or mediation);
  • to guarantee a personalised and efficient welcome; 
  • to promote the availability of the lawyers through the use of any new technology that enables the client to contact his or her lawyer directly;
  • to offer the possibility that the follow-up of a file or a client will be ensured by a single person in charge, so as to ensure the most effective possible intervention, improve the relationship of trust with the client and reduce the costs;
  • to control the firm’s operating costs in a CSR environment, in particular by avoiding the waste of consumable goods, drastically reducing printing costs, ensuring a better use of energy, the use of premises adapted to the activity without unnecessary luxuries;
  • to enable clients to benefit from free training on current legal issues that are likely to have an impact on their businesses, so that they can share knowledge;
  • to conclude, prior to interventions, clear and balanced agreements regarding the fees;
  • to communicate clearly and transparently to clients about services and fees.
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