Corona: bridging loans for small companies (KKC)

Do you own a small company and are you in need of a relatively small loan of between €10,000 and €50,000 as a result of the corona crisis? You may be eligible for a bridging loan facility. This is called Small credits guarantee for SMEs (Kleine Kredieten Corona garantieregeling, KKC). The Dutch government will stand as guarantor for 95% of these bridging loans.

Who can apply?

  • You own a micro, small or medium sized business.
  • You were sufficiently profitable before the corona crisis.
  • You were registered in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Commercial Register (KVK Handelsregister) before 1 January 2019.
  • KKC is a loan of €10,000 up to €50,000. The term of the loan is at most 5 years and the interest rate is maximum 4%.
  • You pay a one-time premium of 2% to the State.

Loans that have been granted from 7 May 2020 may be refinanced under the conditions of the KKC.

How to apply?

Entrepreneurs do not apply for the Small Credits for Corona guarantee (KKC) themselves. You can apply for a loan from your credit supplier, a bank or other funder affiliated with this measure. Funders or banks that participate in the extended SME credit guarantee scheme (BMKB-C) can also offer the KKC. Other funders can apply for accreditation to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency


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