SBI codes

What is an SBI code?

An SBI code describes the main activity of a company. All companies with similar business activities share the same SBI code. The first 4 digits of the SBI code are usually the same within Europe. The 5th digit is a further specification for Dutch business sectors. On the website of Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, CBS) you can look up SBI codes.

Examples of SBI codes:

  • 9602 – Hairdressing and beauty treatment
  • 6201 – Writing, producing and publishing of software

Find out if your SBI code is eligible for the Reimbursement for entrepreneurs in affected sectors scheme TOGS

Are you trying to find out if your business is eligible for the €4,000 Reimbursement for entrepreneurs in affected sectors (TOGS)? You can find the list of SBI codes that have been identified as eligible on the RVO website. If you’re not sure what your SBI code is, you can look it up in the SBI code search tool (in Dutch). The SBI code with which you were registered on 15 March 2020 applies. This is either your main activity or one of your secondary activities, provided the SBI code is on the list of selected SBI codes and you have registered with this side activity at the KVK Commercial Register. You cannot retroactively change your SBI code to qualify. If your SBI code is incorrect or out-of-date, notify the RVO. Read more about the corona measures taken by the government, or read our FAQ for entrepreneurs.

How can you get an SBI code for your company?

When you register your company with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, you have to state your business activities. Your company will then receive one SBI code for your main business activity and a maximum of two SBI codes for any additional activities.

Who uses your SBI information?

  • With the correct SBI code, your company can be found in the Commercial Register by (potential) customers searching business activity.
  • Statistics Netherlands (CBS) collects statistics based on SBI codes. A correct SBI code contributes to the quality of the statistics of your sector.
  • Government agencies use SBI codes for laws and regulations that apply to specific sectors, issuing certain permits or granting subsidies.
  • Non-governmental organisations may also ask for your SBI code. For instance, pension funds, banks or insurance companies.

Look up or change your SBI code

At KVK you can look up and change your SBI code.

Reporting changes to KVK

You must notify KVK if your business activities change. You will then receive a new SBI code. You may also enter your new SBI code on the change form yourself. KVK will then check whether the SBI code corresponds with your business activity.

Have you received an incorrect SBI code? Then you can contact KVK by phone to report a change, free of charge.

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