Government Enforcement and Investigations Practice

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM (FORENSIC AUDIT SERVICES) represents companies and individuals in a range of government and internal investigations, regulatory inquiries, white-collar criminal defence matters, compliance issues, civil litigation, and enforcement actions. Today’s Public and private business environment is marked by the close coordination between government authorities and regulators, which has, in turn, blurred the lines between regulatory, civil, criminal penalties. Public and private businesses face a challenging enforcement environment, particularly in highly regulated industries. The firm uses our deep government and industry knowledge and hard-won experience in the courtroom and boardroom to help corporate entities navigate these challenges, including proactive compliance planning. The assists its clients in three primary ways:

  • Preventing government investigations and enforcement actions by developing and maintaining innovative compliance programs and internal safeguards;
  • Investigating potential problems internally and conducting due diligence before any governmental involvement arises, thereby managing enterprise and reputational risks; and
  • Responding to government-initiated investigations and enforcement actions when they occur, whether in the civil, criminal or regulatory context.

A key advantage to conducting internal investigations through VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM (FORENSIC AUDIT SERVICES) is that its clients can take advantage of the attorney-client and work-product privileges, ensuring that most communications, advice and work product relating to their due diligence and internal investigations will remain protected if an external investigation or proceeding occurs.

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