Individual Labor Relationships

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM assists companies and corporate officers in connection with the legal management of their human resources and intervenes at all stages throughout the life of the employment contract, i.e. conclusion, performance and termination. As such, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM provides the following services:

  • negotiation and drafting of employment contracts, including with respect to specific and technical clauses, e.g. variable remuneration, restrictive covenants and non-competition, intellectual property rights, golden parachutes, so-called day pass working time arrangements (i.e. arrangements according to which working time is not counted in hours but is based on a fixed number of working days per year) and compensation package working time arrangements (i.e. arrangement under which the employer pays to its employee a lump-sum remuneration that includes a certain and limited number of overtime hours in excess of the legal working time duration, up to a certain threshold), etc.;
  • follow up of employment contracts, including, but not limited to, disciplinary procedures, teleworking, employee mobility/expatriation, prevention of discrimination practices and unequal treatment at work, intra-group labor relationships, transfers of employees, etc.;
  • assistance with and follow up of termination of employees, including in case of contractually negotiated termination, dismissal on economic or personal grounds, acknowledgment of termination or resignation, retirement and forced retirements; we also provide strategic assistance with respect to “complex” and “sensitive” termination, such as termination of managing executives and corporate officers, etc.

When the termination gives rise to a dispute, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM conducts pre-litigation negotiations to work out an out-of-court settlement agreement to avoid litigation before the Labor Court.

In addition, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM assists its clients in analyzing and approving – from a labor law perspective – services agreements with vendors and sub-contractors and provide advice to eliminate risks associated with the illegal supply of employees, concealed employment and illegal subcontracting of labor.

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM also handles all issues related to the status of executives and corporate officers (combination of an employment contract and a corporate mandate, specific employee category called “managing executives”, etc.).


MR. BAS A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., ESQ.), attorney at law, assists clients with criminal matters, administrative supervision and enforcement cases, and internal and external investigations. Cases involving accusations of fraud, bribery, money laundering, corruption or violations, financial mismanagement, of international sanctions seriously disrupt a client’s operations and damage their reputation. At a client’s request, MR. BAS A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., ESQ.) can conduct internal investigations, advice, litigate and negotiate with regulators and the Public Prosecution Service. The attorney delivers swift solutions that address the underlying problems for urgent matters. Sometimes, his clients are injured by non-compliant conduct; sometimes they find themselves accused of the same.