In most cases, you can also lodge an appeal against the court’s decision with:

  • The Central Appeals Tribunal is a court of appeal which is mainly active in legal areas pertaining to social security and the civil service. In these areas it is the highest judicial authority. The Tribunal is based in Utrecht.
  • The Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal, also known as Administrative High Court for Trade and Industry, is a specialized administrative court which rules on disputes in the area of social-economic administrative law. In addition, this appeals tribunal also rules on appeals for specific laws, such as the Competition Act and the Telecommunications Act. The Tribunal is based in The Hague.
  • The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State in The Hague is the highest administrative court with general jurisdiction in the Netherlands. It hears appeals lodged by members of the public, associations or commercial companies against decisions by municipal, provincial or central governmental bodies. Disputes may also arise between two public authorities. The decisions on which the Division gives judgment include decisions in individual cases (e.g. refusal to grant a building permission) as well as decisions of a general nature (e.g. an urban zoning plan). The Council is based in The Hague.