Contrary to the remedial sanctions of an order for administrative coercion and an order subject to a penalty, the administrative penalty is a punishing sanction. The administrative fine is only exceptionally imposed when environmental law is breached and the consequences cannot, or not easily, be reversed; for example, in the event of illegal felling of a tree. In addition to the administrative fine, there are also other punishing sanctions, such as the entire or partial withdrawal of a favourable decision. However, in practice by far the most use is made of the administrative fine to punish breaches through the administrative law.

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM has a wealth of experience in remedial sanctions, orders for administrative coercion and orders subject to a penalty as well as the administrative fine as punishing sanction. If you are confronted with enforcement, also for example after a period permitted by the public body, in most cases the possibilities of notice of objection and appeal are open to you. It is important to contact us in a timely manner, because in most cases a final deadline of six (6) weeks applies for the notice of objection or lodging of an appeal. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can advise you about the possibilities and assist you in creating the best possible situation. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can also assist you during any consultation or represent you in the process of court proceedings.