If the Chief Commissioner of Police refuses to issue a licence, you can object in accordance with the General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht) to the Chief Commissioner of Police. If that objection and review is unsuccessful, the guard can still make an appeal to the District Court. At this stage the burden of proof is on the Chief Commissioner of Police to prove that the guard is not aproper person. The Chief Commissioner of Police may also attach certain conditions on a security guard, against which it is also possible to launch an appeal.

The Chief Commissioner of Police has powers to refuse a security guard licence, but can a council actually prevent you from being granted a security guard licence? As usual with questions of legality, regulation and the variety of circumstances sometimes involved, when it comes to security guard licensing appeals answers are not quite so clear cut. Before issuing a security guard licence, the Chief Commissioner of Police must be satisfied that the applicant is a ‘proper person‘.

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