Investigations, Enforcement and Business Crime

MR. BAS A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., Esq.), criminal defence lawyer and forensic auditor, focuses on criminal law and regulatory measures in the context of business activities. He advises and assists public and private entities as well as individuals during the different stages of criminal and regulatory investigations, whether as a victim or as a suspect.

Corporate entities are increasingly targeted by such investigations, which commonly involve unannounced raids followed by seizures and interviews by the national police or administrative authorities. MR. BAS A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., Esq.) offers compliance advice to limit the risk of finding oneself in such a situation, drafts dawn raid guidelines and provides training in order to be well-prepared for a dawn raid. He regularly provides on-site assistance during house searches or searches of corporate premises, focusing on smooth cooperation while securing your rights.


AML monitoring and investigations

PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) helps deliver meaningful, data-driven insights and skilled resources to identify suspicious financial activity more quickly and accurately, reduce the quantity of false positives, and improve the efficiency of your anti-money laundering (AML) processes.…

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Discovery & Analytics

The diversity and dispersion of digital information continues to grow as the legal and regulatory environments become more challenging. From pre-litigation information management to post-matter data disposition, PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) offers managed services across the entire…

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From helping you mitigate dispute risks in contracts and deals, to presenting commercial and financial matters in legal proceedings, to managing claims to recover losses, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM provides robust knowledge from an independent…

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Forensic Data Analytics

PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) brings together extensive industry experience with data science and analytics capabilities to help businesses detect and investigate instances of data breach, fraud, waste, misuse, abuse, corruption, noncompliance and cybercrime, as well as to…

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Incident Response & Resilience

In dealing with crisis, the complexity of decision points, action workflows, and the monitoring of initiatives can be major challenges. PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) can help you find the right solutions in the aftermath of any crisis…

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Integrity & Compliance

Integrity is at the core of contemporary business and this means not only doing what is legal, but also doing what is right. PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) works with companies to design, assess and improve their compliance…

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Companies that act with integrity, manage risks, and investigate misconduct have a business advantage. PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) can help companies respond rapidly to instances of alleged fraud, bribery and other misconduct, as well as provide support throughout…

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Privacy & Cyber Response

From incident response, to forensic investigation, to litigation and regulatory response, PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) assists organizations to fight and prepare against complex cyber-attacks. PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) has assisted companies in responding to a range of cyber incidents…

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Transaction Forensics

PRAETOR MAXIMUS (FinEc Auditing) assists organizations and legal counsel in identifying and mitigating financial, operational and reputational risks inherent to mergers and acquisition transactions. The firm possess deep experience in anti-corruption due diligence, both pre- and post-close,…

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An attorney will represent your interest before all the courts of the country and he/she will argue your case. An attorney will…

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Either in your presence or in your absence an attorney can represent you before any authority where your interests are at stake.…

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Each and every one is regularly being confronted with legal documents, such as contracts, statutes or regulations. In many instances, the exact…

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An attorney negotiates on your behalf and together with you tries to reach an agreement. Not only in relation to commercial contracts,…

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Draft agreements

An attorney takes care of the drafting of contracts and agreements that were reached. A well-written agreement will result in continued friendly…

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Fraud Prevention

All too often we see managers focus their efforts on financial-economic crime (FEC) only after the event. At which point the only possible steps are in reaction to the event to limit the impact and ensure that a case like this does not occur again,…

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Fraud Detection

Preventive measures can prevent most, but not all financial-economic crime (FEC) cases. Hence there is a need to detect errors, misconduct and financial-economic crime (FEC) before they become too big or, worse still, become a norm or culture. PRAETOR FORENSIC AUDITING applies an integrated approach to…

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Fraud Investigation

It is impossible to eliminate the risk of financial-economic crime (FEC) completely. Once a case of financial-economic crime (FEC) is established in your (corporate) organisation you need immediate access to the facts: how was the financial-economic crime (FEC) case made possible? How far does it…

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Curious about your position in a legal matter and what VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can do for you? Please contact VAN LEEUWEN…

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Discussing the case

During the appointment at the VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM’s office the attorney will get to know you further and discuss the background…

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Step-by-step plan

When you instruct VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM to represent your interests, the attorney will draw up a contract for services. This contract…

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Handling the case

The way in which your case is handled depends on your legal question, which may relate to, for example, drawing up an…

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Passion for the law. That’s where it begins but it doesn’t stop there.…

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Tailored to his requirements, no ‘one size fits all’. Every question or every problem requires a unique approach.…

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Time is precious. Often legal questions or problems arrive unexpectedly and at the wrong time.…

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Practical solutions, that’s what it is all about. Solutions that you feel comfortable with. Conflict management is central here.…

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Clear in communication

Clear communication, without losing sight of the important legal nuances. Concrete and practical legal advice in ordinary language.…

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Transparency of legal fees

Plain hourly rate

Unless otherwise agreed, work carried out under the heading of fees shall be charged on the basis of an hourly rate. VAN…

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Fixed price

If you’d prefer to rule out any financial surprises at the end of the day, the best option is to agree beforehand…

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Legal aid insurance

Have you taken out legal aid insurance? In that case you have the right to choose your own lawyer, at the insurer’s…

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Office charge

Notwithstanding the charging of fees, administration and office costs, including costs for opening a case or subsidiary file in a case, typing…

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Advance payment

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM reserves the right to ask the client a provision before starting and in the course of its activities,…

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Client relations

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM’s interventions are in line with the following principles:  drawing the attention of the clients to CSR, its goals,…

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM’s people-oriented approach consists of the necessary internal processes aimed at equal treatment, inclusion and diversity and the support…

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VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM promotes: the choice of means of transport according to the type of trip in order to reduce pollution…

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Social aims

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM supports projects that share its values either financially or by offering free legal support. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM’s…

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