Legal Managed Services

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | FORENSIC AUDITING’s legal managed services is an umbrella offering that provides technology-enabled support, including automation for high-volume repetitive or event-driven legal work (where permitted by law). Legal managed services are delivered in close collaboration with professionals from across the various service lines and practices. The major areas of VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | FORENSIC AUDITING’s legal managed services include: a) Entity compliance and governance; b) Contract lifecycle management; c) Research and regulatory mapping; and d) Document review and functional analysis.

Entity compliance and governance

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | FORENSIC AUDITING assists multinational businesses in meeting their legal entity obligations efficiently and cost-effectively on a global scale. The service-line includes: a) Corporate secretarial health check and advisory projects, b) Perform health checks and transformation reviews, c) Assess program design, governance model evolution and risk-based categorization of subsidiaries, d) Conduct governance analytics, diagnostics and benchmarking, e) Routine compliance activities, f) Coordinate entity changes, g) Assist with documentation of incorporations and dissolutions, h) Administer and update corporate information database, i) Annual compliance activities, j) Facilitate annual statutory filing requirements to maintain an entity’s legal good standing, and k) Update legal entity data and organization charting.

Contract life-cycle management

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | FCRM leverages technology and refined processes to help organizations turn contracting and obligation management into a business differentiator, including reducing the time to contract. The service-line includes: a) Contract strategy, creation and execution, b) Design terms, conditions, policies and playbooks, c) Develop template standards and clause libraries, d) Standardize contract processing and risk review, e) Contract storage and retrieval, f) Physical and virtual storage, g) Data abstraction, h) Obligation and risk monitoring and management, i) Performance to service levels and milestones, j) Compliance with key terms, and k) Deviation analysis and ongoing risk identification, notification and alerts.

Research and regulatory mapping

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | FORENSIC AUDITING helps organizations identify and meet their legal and regulatory obligations and minimize business, operational and reputational risks associated with non-compliance. The service-line includes: a) Regulatory research and change management, b) Help identify and connect rapidly changing regulations and obligations to clients’ compliance and business functions, c) Assist in identifying gaps in internal policies and help establish a compliance infrastructure to minimize risks, d) Research, and e) Provide insights on laws and regulations affecting clients’ businesses in applicable jurisdictions around the world so they can make informed business decisions.

Document review and functional analysis

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | FORENSIC AUDITING helps clients reduce the unnecessary burden of voluminous document review and gain greater control over costs and insights into key data impacting their business. After review, it serves as the constant, helping to see that key information is surfaced so it can be leveraged going forward. it can also help to identify key learnings from matters and helping implement business changes to mitigate future risk. The service-line includes: a) Substantive analysis of electronically stored data and repositories, b) Review of data extracted related to business intelligence, c) Data redaction, d) Foreign language capabilities, and e) Deviation analysis and risk review.

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