International Labor Mobility – Secondment – Expatriation – Business Immigration

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM’s Dutch and – primarily – foreign clients increasingly seek advice on labor law, social protection law and immigration law in the framework of the mobility of their employees.

In this respect, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM offers the following services:

  • determination of the law applicable to the employment contract;
  • determination of the status of the transferred employee (employee on secondment or expatriate employee) depending on our client’s requirements and applicable social security legislations;
  • preparation of a check list summarizing all administrative formalities to be complied with for the effective implementation of the mobility policy (e.g. residence card and work permit, registration with the various administrative authorities of the host country);
  • if applicable, design and implementation of an “expatriation package” guaranteeing the same level of social society cover as in The Netherlands;
  • analysis of the transferred employee’s social and tax situation, taking into account the requirements of our client (host company and/or lending company);
  • advice on the possible elements of remuneration that may be granted to the employee during the transfer/secondment/expatriation period (e.g. expatriation allowance);
  • preparation of a customized assignment contract and/or amendment to the employment contract.
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