Legislation, regulatory imperatives and proposed new guidance for businesses all mean that it is no longer adequate for firms to simply deal with fraud as it arises. It therefore becomes necessary to have an effective fraud risk management strategy in place and have relevant systems and controls within the context of a ‘risk-based’ approach. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | SERIOUS FRAUD DEFENCE can help you assess your vulnerability to fraud, define any weaknesses in your systems and processes from both an external and an internal perspective, and help you minimise your vulnerability to fraud risks. The law firm is also able to assist with the development of anti-fraud policies, procedures and controls, as well as design and deliver customised trainings to management and staff. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | SERIOUS FRAUD DEFENCE’s fraud risk management services include: (1) Employee ethics and fraud awareness surveys; (2) Fraud awareness training programs or ‘Ethical dilemma workshops’ and ‘Fraud vulnerability workshops’; (3) Fraud risk management assessment and assistance with the preparation and development of fraud control plans / policy; (4) Setting up of whistleblowing service / helpline (including system assessments and benchmarking); (5) Forensic data analytics for anomaly detection as a preventive measure and for post incident analysis of alleged fraud during investigations; (6) Development of a fraud response management plan; and  (7) Assistance in the investigation of fraud.

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Whistleblowing service

An important aspect to encourage accountability and transparency within a private or public entity is a