If your application for a Certificate of Conduct is refused

A certificate of conduct (VOG) is a document by which the Dutch State Secretary for Justice and Security declares that the applicant did not commit any criminal offences that are relevant to the performance of his or her duties.

After applying for a certificate of conduct (VOG) Justis consults the Criminal Records System (JDS). The Criminal Records System (JDS) contains data relating to criminal offences and their outcomes, ranging from custodial sentences to payment in lieu of prosecution or the dropping of charges. Justis may also consult police files and ask the Public Prosecution Service and the probation service for information.

If the Justis Department (Judicial agency for Testing, Integrity and Screening) intends to refuse your Certificate of Conduct (VOG), you will first receive written intention stating the reasons for refusal. You are allowed to let Justis know your view with regard to the reasons for refusal. If you wish to inspect your criminal record, you should write to the Central Criminal Records Office (Justitiële Informatiedienst, Postbus 337, 7600 AH Almelo), enclosing a copy of your identity document. You can also see your criminal record at the nearest District Court (rechtbank) but you are not allowed to make copies.

If your application for a certificate of conduct is refused, you can object in accordance with the General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht).

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