PRAETOR FORENSIC AUDITING helps deliver meaningful, data-driven insights and skilled resources to identify suspicious financial activity more quickly and accurately, reduce the quantity of false positives, and improve the efficiency of your anti-money laundering (AML) processes.

Banks and other financial institutions must carefully monitor operations for suspicious activity potentially related to money laundering and report it quickly and accurately. But the best way to conduct such monitoring and reporting is less clear.

Huge investigative teams are costly to maintain. Massive and highly complex data sets are challenging to manage, manipulate and analyze. Manual processes and outdated systems reduce speed and accuracy and may limit visibility and audit trails. Also, many institutions find it difficult to access skilled and experienced specialists when they need them and struggle to build credibility with regulators.

PRAETOR FORENSIC AUDITING helps financial institutions address these issues and instill more efficient and effective monitoring capabilities. The flexible and scalable approach brings together advanced technology and process automation, along with deep industry knowledge, skilled teams and robust operational support. The result? Banks can design, implement and manage an anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring program that suits their needs – even as those needs change.

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