Categorie: Private-sector security guard

BAS VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., Esq.), attorney at law, is expert in security guard defence. We are intimately familiar with the standards in the security industry in the European Union, and have assisted in drafting internal legislation related to the security industry. We have regularly write articles for Dutch and International security organizations. Issues concerning security guard defense include: a) Negligent Security, b) Assault and Battery, c) Excessive Use of Force, d) Breach of Contract, e) False Imprisonment, f) Civil Rights Violations and g) Defamation.

If you are a security guard, you know that you need to protect your licence, after all, it’s your livelihood! Equally, if you are a professional preparing for a security guard exam and learning ‘the knowledge’ you would be very concerned if you were to have your licence application refused. In either case, we can assist you. We assist many hard working security guards with the legal complexities that come with security guard licence appeals, including both security guard licence refusal and security guard licence revocation.