Legal Department Operations


New technologies and processes are transforming in-house legal departments, but staffing models, too, are shifting to create new efficiencies and respond to the need for updated departmental skills and expertise. Meet the legal department operations (LDO) professionals – a new position in corporate legal departments that is increasingly helping free up attorney time to focus on legal matters instead of operational ones. The recognition that operations, innovation, technology, and procurement should actually be the responsibility of an identifiable individual, rather than part of the portfolio of the general counsel is the biggest emerging trend in legal operations. The legal department operations (LDO) professional is typically occupied with project management, financial planning, and managing outside counsel. But these legal department operations (LDO) professionals are also responsible for strategy, goal setting, and managing budgets, people, and vendors. Additionally, legal department operations (LDO) professionals play a crucial role in change management, which might explain their recent popularity. The legal department operations (LDO) professional is often the person to decide what technology changes make sense and to determine how those technologies should be implemented with consideration of financial and operational implications such as budgeting, staffing requirements, outsourcing, and training.


Legal Function Consulting

Just as markets are converging, so too are corporate functions, and what was once seen as support inside a company has become foundational to growth and market share. The legal function is suddenly in the spotlight. It has an opportunity to “skip a generation of change” by accelerating legal transformation.…

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Legal Managed Services

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | FORENSIC AUDITING’s legal managed services is an umbrella offering that provides technology-enabled support, including automation for high-volume repetitive or event-driven legal work (where permitted by law). Legal managed services are delivered in close collaboration with professionals from across the various service lines and practices. The…

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Legal Advisory Services

Corporate Legal Departments are seeking ways to have greater transparency. They reduce third-party spend with legal providers. Corporate Legal departments are also looking for a coordinated, one-stop-shop approach for managing cross-border legal needs. VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM | FORENSIC AUDITING provides coordinated and efficient services to assist clients in the following…

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Reputation Management Solutions

Iemands identiteit wordt gevormd door wie men is, wat men doet, de normen en waarden waarvoor men staat, hoe men zich kleedt en op welke wijze men zich gedraagt, en hoe men over diverse onderwerpen denkt en zich uit. Al deze zaken bij elkaar opgeteld vormen iemands identiteit. Het is…

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